The Border Patrol is an Unaccountable Boy’s Club

In the year 2012, 79% of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees were men. Even on its own, I found this statistic to be striking. And it became particularly so once viewed within the context of an OPM report on federal employee demographics, wherein I found that male employees make up scarcely over half the federal workforce generally. … Continue reading The Border Patrol is an Unaccountable Boy’s Club

On Domestic Authoritarianism

In case you haven’t noticed, a breakaway/fringe faction of the Republican party is currently enjoying its day in the political sun here in the U.S. And for those of us who value the continued existence of our constitutional system, and democracy at large, things have seemed, well… more than a little bit bleak, in recent … Continue reading On Domestic Authoritarianism

The Most Important Political Divisions In 2018

These lines of nonpartisan political division separate American citizens into three categories: Hobbits, Hooligans, and Vulcans (Brennan, 2016). Political philosopher Jason Brennan first articulated these categories in his 2016 book Against Democracy, and here, I loosely employ the concept to help illustrate how American citizens, as political agents, fall in terms of their potential to be serious … Continue reading The Most Important Political Divisions In 2018

Is America Immune To Dictatorship?

Fundamentally, the most significant difference between Democracies and Dictatorships is the concept of the separation of powers, as defined by a nation's system of political "checks and balances" on executive authority. In observing the process of democratic breakdown within once-democratic nations throughout history, it is clear that the ability of each nation to curtail the … Continue reading Is America Immune To Dictatorship?

Mitt Romney Should Primary Trump In 2020

Partially in service of maintaining my own reputation, and partially because it’s the truth, I’ve gotten into the habit of characterizing my family as “Mitt Romney Republicans” when describing their political beliefs to other people. They — like many other lifelong Republicans, I assume — have arrived at the woeful realization that the political tent they once called home has been uprooted and steadily marched … Continue reading Mitt Romney Should Primary Trump In 2020

The Senate Is a Bullshit Institution

Given the sheer volume of radioactive political waste currently flooding the American body politic, I find it is increasingly tempting to settle for a kind of lazy criticism of the whole charade. Simply put, the experience of having your basic sensibilities exist in a state of perennial assault – day in and day out, by … Continue reading The Senate Is a Bullshit Institution

Thou Shalt Not Lie

It's not as if I actually needed more evidence that the bible-thumping, God-fearing, fire-and-brimstone slinging ideologues of the American Right have never had a moral leg to stand on. But the allegations surrounding Senate-hopeful/Creepy Uncle Roy Moore - and worse, the evangelical response to these allegations -  rid my mind of all remaining doubt. We're … Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Lie