Liberal Orthodoxy as Religion

Catholic Glass

Given the American hard-rights recent foray into outright fanaticism and pseudo-fascist thought, I’ve found there’s been little time and little reason to beat up on the Left. When I look out my window every day and see a well funded, disturbingly well-populated cast of sinister characters hard at work destroying our democracy, priority one is to dump cold water on their heads. I suppose I’ve just been waiting on some momentary break in the action to check up on my own backyard, but it seems this show has no commercial breaks. Every day is another full-length episode of “Our American Suicide”, Season 1. It’s just as bad as daytime television, and it’s worse because it’s real.

Therefore, until I either wake up in a lab and realize this was all a simulation, or Trump gets on some meds, I’ll have to make the time to muck the liberal stalls. And it would seem i’m not the only one who’s dodge this task of late, because good god, they stink like hell.

Where does one begin? I suppose that starting with the bastardization of the #MeToo movement is as good a place as any. Because the #MeToo movement, despite being founded on a noble, even unassailable cause, has predictably devolved into a puritanical crusade against the very concepts of heterosexual attraction and human mating norms. This is what happens when you allow your movement to get hijacked by third and fourth wave feminists with decades-long vendettas to fulfill, and buoy it with 20-something women who’ve long been told they bare no responsibilities when it comes to their relationships with men. After all, according to liberal orthodoxy, taking 14 jello shots and waking up next to the Hunchback of Notre Dame isn’t merely a mistake or a learning experience this day in age – it’s rape. You were raped. Indeed, no one better dare acknowledge that blacking out is just a bad idea (that would be “victim blaming”), nor should they suggest that you reflect on your behavior and adjust it. Instead, such affected young women can find comfort in their newfound status as a victim – an unimpeachable category on the left – and enjoy the endless sympathy and praise that comes their way. The only price they’re asked to pay is to forgo their sense of agency.

Moving on then. About a month ago, a number of small fliers featuring black crime statistics taken from the FBI’s website were posted up around my college campus. Chaos ensued. Every virtue-signaler and recreational outrage hobbyist on our college Facebook page took to their keyboards, proclaiming white supremacy was alive and well on our home turf. Speculation regarding the potential perpetrators ranged from the College Republicans Club to the Ku Klux Klan, and demands for campus-wide programs in “racial sensitivity training” rained down from on liberal high. The President of the university sent out mass emails to students and alumni condemning the fliers, and expounding on the values of tolerance and diversity on our campus. And throughout the whole ordeal, not a single word was said nor written about the truth behind the numbers on display. That’s because the numbers were correct, and in acknowledging this fact, liberals would essentially be conceding that the black community has a uniquely awful track record when it comes to violence and criminal activity in contemporary American society.

Even if they did concede this obvious fact, any orthodox liberal worth their salt would immediately launch into a conversation about the effects of slavery, “structural/systemic racism”, stop-and-frisk policing, the War On Drugs and more. Not one word would be uttered about the glorification of violence and criminality in black subcultures like the hip-hop community (see: Nor would the lack of emphasis on education, the prevalence of single-parent households, or the myriad of other self-inflicted issues that are crippling our nation’s black community come up. Not one word would be spoken about the individual’s responsibility for their own behavior. In 2018, there is no overseer telling young black men to rob that liquor store. They did that on their own.

Once again, responsibility is shifted away from the individual and on to something else – to “the patriarchy” in the former case, and to an institutionally racist society in the latter. Much like the religious, liberal evangelists give up free will and agency to an abstract higher power, one which operates outside of their control. In doing so, they find comfort in their failures and the chaos of their lives, because in their minds, things couldn’t have gone any other way.



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