Mr. Rosenstein’s Last Stand


As i’m sure my fellow travelers of the opposition have realized, the destruction of the Deputy AG has now begun. Whether or not Mr. Rosenstein is guilty of the charges being foisted on him now determines nothing; perception is the only thing that counts. A show-trial in the Court of Mob Opinion now awaits him, and a hung jury is all the White House needs to claim his head.

That trial is underway as of this weekend, and Rosenstein began it on the ropes. That is, in part, because the propaganda outfit tasked with parroting the White House — aka, the Fox News Channel — spent the weekend slandering his name over a series of inflammatory segments. The objective for Trump’s propoganda Ministers in this instance is clear: Rosenstein is bleeding, and it’s time to finish the job.

Recall that only two short months ago — July 25, 2018 — a group of GOP House members brought forth impeachment proceedings against Rod Rosenstein. The goal behind this action, ultimately, was to clear the path for Trump to finally shut down Robert Mueller and the team of prosecutors he’s directing. That effort failed, but only because the GOP had insufficient cover for that action, at that time. Surely House Republicans knew this, and yet a dozen Trump loyalists thought it best to risk the midterms to impeach the Deputy. The only way such recklessness makes sense is if they knew that Mueller’s team was closing in. Therefore we ask ourselves — what happened prior to this crazy behavior that would catalyze such panic?

Perhaps it was the revelation that the President’s lawyer had given up a dozen tapes to Mueller and his team, two days before? 

But the optics weren’t correct, then. The groundwork wasn’t laid — they had no option but to sit and ride it out.

They waited for the right moment. They drew up a play, and they’re in the midst of running it right now. Mr. Rosenstein is staring down an onslaught; an assassination plot against his character, by way of a grotesque amalgamation of the Fox News Channel, Donald Trump’s White House, and a vicious gang of House Conservatives who smell his blood.

Few have weathered storms like that for long.

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