Slate Takes the Bait

Sigh, okay. Here goes —  I am about to attempt something genuinely radical, folks. It’s going to require some “nuance”, yes, and some critical thinking – on both my part and yours. Because, dear reader, I am about to assume the heretical role of defending an accused sexual assaulter, on the heels of an article... Continue Reading →

Thou Shalt Not Lie

It's not as if I actually needed more evidence that the bible-thumping, God-fearing, fire-and-brimstone slinging ideologues of the American Right have never had a moral leg to stand on. But the allegations surrounding Senate-hopeful/Creepy Uncle Roy Moore - and worse, the evangelical response to these allegations -  rid my mind of all remaining doubt. We're... Continue Reading →

Paradise Island

Something about a man with tattoos on his face shouting foreign orders in a dive-bar bathroom stall has a way of opening up the mind to new experiences, I’ve found. And besides, it wasn’t the first time I’d indulged the drug, though I didn’t often. But even for a rare user like myself, it was obvious that what he had was good blow. I wasn’t surprised – this was Central America, after all. And anyone who knows a damn thing about drugs knows that Central American is ground zero for the American drug trade – especially coke.

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