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The Demon Castle

demon castle

Pandora giggled wryly, “How ever did it work?”

The Devil laughed an evil laugh, and flashed an ugly smirk…

“Pandora, dear! It’s been so long since last we walked these halls!

Those empty souls have won the day! At last, the angels fall.”


“Hehe!” replied Pandora, her handiwork complete —

For it was she who broke the box which once contained Deceit.

“Deceit was brilliant, wasn’t she? She used the mortal’s tongues

To pit them all against themselves, and truth was rendered mum!”


“Brilliant, brilliant – that she was!” The Devil cackled back

“But surely, it was Hatred stained their mortal hearts so black?”

“Hatred was a clever thing, indeed, he played a role;

He poisoned Understanding’s wine with sour vitriol!”


“Splendid work!” The Devil bellowed

And as he drained his glass, he mellowed

Happy, now…

For not a single angel walked the halls.



Burning, hot

Smoke rises, rises

Fear me not —

I’ve no surprises!


Just a comfort,

At the ready

Glowing friend —

So straight, so steady


All those things

That you are not

And always there;

A warming hearth —


Of death!

The Pessimist Observes

Rainy capitol

Shifting shapes of men and women pass

Drift along, like ships without a mast


Dancing eyes of children that a gaze can’t grasp

Remind me of my own, in some long-distant past


Cheering chirps of birds up in the old oak tree

Crying out for lovers they may never meet


Metronomic ticking of the coo-coo clock

As seconds slip forever from this lonely rock


Half-empty glass of red wine on my desk.

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